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The aim of the Art department is to raise aesthetic sensibility of architecture students, to develop comprehension of artistic form and to train skills of artistic expression using wide range of mediums.  
The courses provided at the Department of Art are integral part of the Bachelor degree program. They are intended to provide knowledge and skills of study and sketch drawing, basics of painting and sculpture, architectural graphics and contemporary arts.  
Academic staff members of art department are professional artists and architects.
Art department was established in 1970 when moving Faculty of Architecture from Kaunas Institute of Technology to newly established Vilnius Institute of Civic Engineering.  
The department was renamed to Department of Architectural graphics in 1997. It was decided to restore previous title of Department of Art as most representative of the courses taught.  
Former and recent heads of the department:
  • 1970-1988, Alfonsas Janulis
  • 1988-1995, Linas Julijonas Jankus
  • 1995-1997, Regina Gaušienė
  • 1997- 2011, Jonas Anuškevičius
  • 2011- current, Audrius Novickas
Courses are taking place in four studios on 4th floor of the Architecture faculty: 4.13, 4.17, 4.18, 4.19.
The studios are equipped with easels for drawing and painting, mobile halogen lights, plinths for still lives.
The exhibition of student works is displayed on the 4th floor hallway. The examples of drawings, paintings, projects of sculpture, installation, architectural graphics are displayed to reflect upon achievements of the students during the courses taught by the staff of the department.
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