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Architecture Faculty organizes a national or international scientific conference every autumn, and a conference for junior researchers ‘K. Šešelgis' Readings’ – every spring.

International Scientific Conferences

International Scientific Conference ‘Acoustic Climate in Buildings and Nearby’ was held in 2014 10 23-24.
II International Scientific Conference ‘Architektura kultur Lokalnych pogranicza’, 2009 10 2–4, organized together with Faculty of Architecture, Białystok Technical University, and International Union of Architects UIA. 
International Seminar ‘Planning Health Care in Modern Cities’, 2007 11 22, organized together with SOTERA Research Institute of Health Care Facilities, Helsinki University of Technology.
International Scientific Conference ‘Urban Heritage: Research, Interpretation, Education’, 2007 09 25-26, organized together with Department of Cultural Heritage under the Ministry of Culture.
International Scientific Seminar ‘Decalogue and Barbarity: Sacrum in Cultural Space’, 2005 11 11-12, organized with Vardo Seminar Foundation – International Art and Culture Institute (Stockholm, Sweden).

National Scientific Conferences

Scientific Conferenceorganized by Architecture Faculty, VGTU: ‘Educational Architecture’  2016 11 18
Annual National Scientific Conferences organized by Architecture Faculty, VGTU:
‘Lithuanian Modernism in the Context of European Architecture’, 2013 11 7-9.
‘Green Architecture: Innovative Approaches’, 2012 10 25-26.
‘Urban Renovation of City Centre’, 2011 10 21. 
‘Interaction of Arts in Architecture’, 2010 10 22. 
‘Evolution Tendencies in Contemporary Architecture’, 2009 10 22-23. 
‘Structural and Compositional Development in Changing Context’, 2008 10 23. 
‘Ethic Aspects of Public Art’, 2006 10 20-21, organized together with Department of Cultural Heritage under the Ministry of Culture.
‘Perspective of Cultural Identity in Urban Development’, 2005 10 21-22. 
‘Urban Peculiarities: Traditions and Globalization’, 2004 10 25, organized together with Department of Cultural Heritage under the Ministry of Culture.
‘Architectural History Research: Circulation of Artistic Ideas’, 2003 10 24-25. 
‘Architectural Composition: Theory and Practice’, 2002 10 25-26. 

Conference of Junior Researchers

Conferences of junior researchers ‘K. Šešelgis’ Readings’ are organized by VGTU Faculty of Architecture annually since 1999. Conferences take place either in Vilnius, Faculty of Architecture, or in Rokiškis Region Museum. The traditional conference is organized to commemorate famous Lithuanian urban scientist and VGTU professor, Head of the Department of Urban Design dr. Kazys Šešelgis. The forum is known as an open platform for Lithuanian and foreign young and already experienced researchers to present their recent studies in the fields of urban, landscape, volumetric architecture and heritage. Selected and peer-reviewed articles of the conference are published in the scientific journal ‘Science – Future of Lithuania’, which is referred in acknowledged international databases.
European Green Building Exchange – Construction 21. 2011-2013.
Užupis creative cluster. 2011–2012;
Initiation of a Transnational Cluster for Active Ageing in the Baltic Sea Region – ACT! 2010;
Sustainable Tourism and Recreation as a Way to Develop Alternative Mobility, STREAM. 2006–2009;
Activities to strengthen landscape identity among people with focus on nature and cultural conservation. 2007–2008;
Promoting Spatial Development by Creating COMon MINdscapes/COMMIN. 2004–2007;
Landscape Education: New Opportunities for Teaching and Research in Europe (Le:Notre III). 2010–2012;
Creating Scenarios for the Fragile Territories. 2011;
Landscape Education: New Opportunities for Teaching and Research in Europe (Le:Notre II). 2008–2010;
Thematic Network in Landscape Architecture for Academic Cooperation and Research (Le:Notre III). 2007-2008;
Thematic Network in Landscape Architecture (Le:Notre). 2002–2009;
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