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Dario Restivo (IT) knygos “ERASMUS, LIFE, SENTIMENT” pristatymas

Dario Restivo (IT) knygos “ERASMUS, LIFE, SENTIMENT” pristatymas
Spalio 20 d., penktadienį, 17 val. Architektūros fakultetas kviečia į architektūros studento Dario Restivo (IT) knygos “ERASMUS, LIFE, SENTIMENT” pristatymą. Dario 2016 metų rudens semestre pagal Erasmus mainų programą studijavo VGTU Architektūros fakultete – tai bus puiki proga susipažinti su knygoje nugulusiais Erasmus nuotykiais AF VGTU!
Pristatymas vyks AF VGTU Trakų 1,  2.16 auditorijoje. 
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Dario Restivo
The book “ERASMUS, LIFE, SENTIMENT” by Dario Restivo focuses on the Erasmus experience at Vgtu lived by the author himself, who tells, in an unusual way, the facts happened, putting together the didactic aspect and the social, cultural and human ones. In this way he tells not only about facts but also about feelings and emotions, in the awareness that Erasmus is a place of the soul.
Author: Dario Restivo. Publisher: Ass. Camminando Club, Patrimonio – Cultura – Turismo, Salvatore Marsala Presidente. Graphic layout: Salvatrice Alberti. Contributions: Martina Sironi, Anna Palazzo, Elisa Belardi (ex Erasmus students in Vilnius). English translation: Francesca Cipolla.
Dario Restivo was born in Cefalù (Palermo) on 27th December 1993. He accomplished primary and secondary studies in his hometown, showing, as a child, a natural inclination for Humanities, including art history, and for technical drawing. First he attended “Nicola Botta” primary school, then “Rosario Porpora” secondary school, where he attended musical course, learning to play classic guitar and becoming a member of the ensemble of the same school, as a guitarist, thus taking part in several national competitions and reviews. Then he attended “Liceo Classico Mandralisca” high school, from he graduated with the highest marks in 2012, discussing a thesis on The sense of life. He enrolled in the master degree in architecture of the, now ex, Faculty of Architecture at the University of Palermo, where he is still studying as a graduating student. Last academic year he took part in the Erasmus european project, which led him to take a study abroad experience at the Faculty of Architecture of the Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, whose experience is told in this book. He is into art, architecture, literature, music and numismatics; he also wrote some poems, that made him win the second prize in the contest “Creativity at School, II ed. year 2009”. In his free time he plays the guitar, he practices sports, he deals with his coin collection, he travels, he reads and writes.
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